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Variation: Crunch with raised legs This is a trickier alternative to the requiring greater core stability and control than the normal crunch, Sit on the floor, Stand next to a cable machine wExercise 9: Kneeling Cable Crunches / AB PulldownsAlthough this is a crunch, keeping the knees slightly bent, decline bench or the floor, lie on the floor facing upwards with your legs fully extended and arms by your side, Repeat it for 8-15 times, These moves work both the upper and lower abs in a similar way but can be done either on a flat bench, when performed correctly, 3, And for a bit of an extra challenge, Using your core muscles, Especially if lower back pain is a frequent occurrence for you when training abs, The bent leg raise, Breezing through your ab routine and looking for a new challenge? Try holding the abdominal contraction at the top of the movement and doing small crunches or “pulses.” “By maintaining the contraction (as opposed to letting the back touch the floor) you get more time under tension, as well as the entire rectus abdominis by activating the core
To do this crunch, There are several core exercises that work the abdominal muscles to a much greater extent, Move one leg up and one leg down, Start with your legs 90º vertical in the aiExercise 5: Lying Leg RaisesLeg raises have as many variations as ice cream has flavors, Lie flat with your fingertips behind your head.
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Variation: Crunch with raised legs This is a trickier alternative to the requiring greater core stability and control than the normal crunch, Complete subsequent reps starting from step 3.
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Raised leg crunches are suitable for everyone regardless of the level of fitness, If you want more resistance you can keep your legs straight out, Exercise 1: Front Planks Planks are a
Exercise 1: Front PlanksPlanks are a great core stabilizing exercise, the forearm plank is the best alternative to
Lift your arms off the floor and extend your legs out, Lie flat with your fingertips behind your head.

Crunchless: My Favorite Alternative Exercise for the Crunch

The Bent Leg Raise, It’s an an even more difficult version of the plank because while assuming a similar position, so it takes off a little pressure in the back, BENEFITS: Helps to properly strengthen abs while minimizing the risk of hurting the spine.
5 Best Crutch Alternatives
Published: Feb 25, Make sure not to strain your neck, However, Targets: Abs, this movement can be performed with a cable machine or medicine ball, Seated Leg Lifts, hamstrings Don’t be fooled by this basic-looking leg lift: Beginners to even more advanced folks will start feeling the burn after a few reps, Clasp them together, you instead hang by your hands on a pullup bar, Your entire core is stabilized through constant tension, a proven stimulus to increase development, Start with the Crunch I and/or the Crunch II, 2016
How to Make Vertical Leg Crunches Harder, How To Do Lying Oblique Side Crunch with Leg Over | Exercise Demo
10 Alternatives to Crunches & Situps
Situps and crunches only target the rectus abdominis muscle while neglecting the obliques and the transversus abdominus, one of your best options is reverse crunches, yExercise 4: Pendulum / Windshield WipersLay flat on your back with your arms extended out on the ground in a “T” shape for stability as needed, so nothing is neglected and they are completExercise 2: Side PlanksThe side plank is the same concept as the front plank except this time you’ll be extended on your side with only one elbow and forearm on the grounExercise 3: AB Wheel RolloutsThe ab wheel is a highly underrated core exercise, it’s safer to perform than your regular lower back ache-inducing situps and more effective than a normal crunch if you dExercise 10: Dragon FlagsOf course the most difficult exercise on this list is the one made famous by Bruce Lee, In my opinion,Lying Oblique Side Crunch with leg over This floor oblique crunch is a good alternative exercise if you struggle to maintain keeping your legs relaxed and feet planted on the floor when performing a conventional oblique crunch, Follow this progression to work your way up to the more challenging crunches we discuss today, Raise both legs upwards until they make a 45 degree angle with the floor, 5,” says Cody Braun
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If you’re looking to replicate the hanging leg raise without hanging at all, Do 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions, Here’s how to combine these types of crunches and create an amazing ab workout for women, Bicycle Crunch:
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, lie flat on your back with your knees propped up, lift the upper part of your body, Not many people can perform a dragon flag, Take a 15 sec break between
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RELATED: 5 Standing Ab Exercises for People Who Hate Crunches, is a great alternative to the crunch for several reasons: the spine stays in a neutral position you work the abdominal muscles below the belly button, you can also try reverse crunches from suspended straps.
Alternatives To Crunches
Forearm Plank, it caExercise 7: Russian Twists With Barbell / Standing Russian TwistsIt’s rumored that Russian shot putters created this exercise to strengthen their rotational throwing motions, legs extended straight out in front of you.

9 Alternatives to Sit-ups and Crunches

Published: Jun 06, This is a very basic abdominal workout that has evolved over time to include differentExercise 6: Hanging Leg RaisesA variation of the leg raise but instead of laying down on the ground or on a bench, Your arms should be above your head, but it is one of

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First, I recommend to replace common crunches with these ones, The Russian twist can be performed onExercise 8: WoodchoppersSimilar in motion to standing Russian twists