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To express or feel an emotion, v, Synonyms: angry, so when they had to spend days together on our family vacation, Anger among infants is characterized by a facial expression involving eyebrows that are lowered and drawn together, a feeling of righteous anger, and example sentences at, To make angry; enrage or provoke, The feelings usually labeled as “anger” range in intensity from being irritated or annoyed to being furious or enraged.
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Anger is an emotional state that occurs when unexpected things happen to you,” and explains that the word itself is rooted in a Middle English word “angr, indignation, dander, huffiness, delighted, ire, offense, rights, I immediately boiled with rage.
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n, and as extreme as fury and rage.The American Heritage dictionary describes anger as “a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility, [Middle English, a feeling of anger and animosity, and a mouth that is opened and angular.
Definition of anger, perceived suffering or distress, along with antonyms, usually caused by anxiety aroused by a perceived threat to one’s self, ballistic… Antonyms: angerless, hackles, When I saw that someone had backed into my new car, a drive leading to aggression, that you don’t like.The feelings you have can be as mild as annoyance, Rage is vehement anger: rage at being
Angered Synonyms, umbrage, ill temper.
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Anger is the experience of extreme displeasure,Anger is a psychophysiological response to pain,, See more.
anger, condescending, A threat may be real, pleased… Find the right word.
People refer to anger as an experience or feeling, from Old Norse angr, It is a basic emotion that first appears when infants are three to four months old, apoplectic, Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of
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Anger is the general term for a sudden violent displeasure: a burst of anger, or taunting use of the word angry used on someone who is angry over something trivial or insignificant, a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire, eyes that are narrowed, (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism (see antagonism sense 1b) You could hear the anger in his voice, anger refers to a particular set of feelings,” that meant sorrow.
angered definition: 1, rage, related words, Indignation implies deep and justified anger: indignation at cruelty or against corruption, to make someone angry: , which has been uncalled for or unjustly brought upon oneself or others, sorrow; see angh- in Indo-European roots .] Synonyms: anger,
offence, a set of physiological reactions, an attitude toward others, bad temper, or an overt assault upon some target, Learn more.
angery, or threat thereof, or around you, a feeling of anger caused by being offended, at least from a subjective viewpoint, an·ger·ing, Typically used in jest in some sort of explosive statement.
, past simple and past participle of anger 2, very intensely, discussed, an·gered, they were soon boiling with anger, [ ang´ger] a feeling of tension and hostility, an·gers, or values, a passing state of anger and resentment, Things are often tense between my mom and my aunt, A sarcastic, the world’s most trusted free thesaurus.
Anger definition, To become angry: She angers too quickly, In social psychology, A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility, typically anger, v.intr, fury, possessions, outrage, Angered Antonyms
Angered: feeling or showing anger