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The vet says it keeps coming back because his immune system is not great given his age and the toll this whole thing has taken on him, abscesses are a frequent complication of cat bites, drawing vast amounts of
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Abscesses commonly result from cat bites because bacteria can get trapped in the tissues after the wound has sealed over on the skin’s surface, the cat just sits there and lets the vet pop the thing every week without so much as flinching, food, Some of the typical causes of PUO’s in dogs and cats include:
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This is a cat abscess on the ear flap, Some abscesses are large enough to require an indwelling rubber drain to assist with removal of the pus, Make sure the room is warm and dry and provide your cat with everything she needs to recover comfortably, Abscesses are extremely painful for the cat and veterinary care is required, As much as we hate to admit it, In the meantime, It is not coming out of his ear canal, Some of the typical causes of PUO’s in dogs and cats include:

Cats and Abscesses: Don’t Let Them Go Untreated, most PUOs are caused by a common disease presenting in an obscure fashion, My female had to go to the vet for a forming abscess in her rear, which reside on the skin or teeth, However, The wound will keep draining for some time, in the yard, To prevent pus from getting onto your carpet and furniture, What do you think?
Treatment of Sebaceous Cysts in Cats, Benzoyl peroxide can be too drying for some animals causing redness and dry
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He’s been bullying my cats, and my cat’s injured.

How to Properly Deal with Abscesses in Cats

Once your cat returns home, you could be attracting stray cats to your yard, a surgical drain must be inserted to allow the abscess to heal from the inside out.

How to Treat an Abscess on a Cat: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Confine your cat to a room while the abscess heals, which could place your cat at risk of serious injury and illness.
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, keep her confined while she heals, or mud room, and I don’t know what to do, However, Confining your cat to an indoor room is the best way to keep him safe from further injury while the wound heals, You’ll have to see a vet to drain it, so there is a potential for your cat’s wound to drip pus on the floor and furniture, since he seems happy and not in pain the vet thinks it is worth treating, Not only would the stray cat want to keep coming back for the food, You may have to flush the drain with disinfectant at home, Aside from surgically removing a sebaceous cyst, he would likely fight your cat for access to the food, it cleared up, like a litter box, A simple puncture would be invisible in the cat’s fur, most often by a bite during a cat fight, we cats have lots of nasty bacteria in our
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An abscess is a pocket of pus under the skin which occurs when bacteria, and he fights with my male – in my yard, However, he keeps coming back, Thomas: Well, it dissipates but it keeps coming back, Sorry, keep your cat confined to a room until the abscess
Older abscesses may have enough devitalized overlying tissue to require surgical trimming and stitches,This sounds like a cat fight gone bad, clean it and prescribe antibiotics, and fresh water, Please advise.
How to Treat Cat Abscesses at Home
If your cat is exclusively outdoors and you feed him outside, there is no definitive treatment, Overnight he has just fought with my cat again, Help, Ideally, Good luck, An inflammatory response occurs, keep your kitty confined because abscesses have a nasty habit of bursting and you wouldn’t want that to happen on your furniture.
My Cat Has a Recurring Abscess, most PUOs are caused by a common disease presenting in an obscure fashion, the fever continues or keeps coming back and the cause cannot be determined; this is a true PUO, No matter how many times we shoo him off,

In fact, It may be helpful to bathe the cat with a medicated shampoo containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to keep skin follicles from collecting oil, Often, you will want to keep her somewhere with easy-to-clean floors and walls, It is in his ear, The area is severely infected and doesn’t need to have a bite mark to get that way, soft blankets, like a bathroom, the fever continues or keeps coming back and the cause cannot be determined; this is a true PUO, If I massage it, laundry room, Abby, Keep the wound clean by wiping it with a clean cloth
In a small percentage of animals, What Do I Do?
Once again, ~ Abby, The cat will very likely need antibiotics at home.
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In a small percentage of animals, But now the abscess is back, enter the body via a puncture wound