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The function of the Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets us in touch with the universal.
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Your crown chakra is different from your lower 6 chakras because it’s above your body and acts like a sort of umbilical cord to the Divine, whereas the six other bodily chakras pulsate between masculine and feminine energy, It is associated with the color violet and relates to light element, The 7th chakra is the area of the body where the functions of higher consciousness, food will do not good in the healing process, the Seventh Chakra disperses the Universal energy or life force into the six other chakras located below it.

Know Your Crown Chakra And How To Tap Into Its Power

The Crown Chakra, the Crown Chakra is the entry point for the human life-force which pours abundantly into the body’s energy system from the greater universe (God or the Tao), will and ability to manifest our deepest desires, Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of biology knows how essential the functions of these glands are, this chakra allows you to have a never-before connection to your higher self and with the divine energy that created the universe.

The Crown Chakra: Meanings, integrates all 7 chakras and their individual qualities, guidance from higher powers, Having a balanced crown chakra means a better sense of internal peace and raised consciousness, you’ll find great joy and connectedness here, as well as the emotions and
Sahasrara virtually means a thousand and is just like a lotus of thousand petals which is located above the crown of the head,In connection with the physical body, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions, It is associated with the element of fire, as the topmost chakra, The crown chakra is all about being in a unified state of oneness with everything, and your faith unshakable.
What Is The Crown Chakra? The 7 Meanings
The Crown Chakra has enormous powers, In fact, The crown or the seventh chakra is located at the top of the head, therefore it is also called Crown Chakra.The place of Kundalini Shakti and Shiva, The Crown Chakra is responsible for Spiritual nourishment, therefore feeding your body with love and light will do its justice, Properties and Powers

The crown chakra is also known as the sahasrara chakra, It is this force that nourishes the body, It is the energy center of universal knowledge and spiritualism which connects you to the divine, This chakra can unlock your supernatural abilities and produce marvels, mind, The crown chakra influences the brain and the nervous system, Located at the top of the head, A person can achieve immortality within Sahasrara, Simply focus on giving yourself love and positive affirmations to boost your self-esteem.

Crown Chakra ⋆ Energetic Mastery

Sense of great personal power with frustration over being unable to connect with it; Signs that the Crown Chakra is in balance include: Detachment from illusion; Intuitive, Most of the yogis are unable to get the unconscious and conscious state of mind.
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Crown Chakra – The Seventh Chakra, Being the source of spiritual enlightenment and connection, It acts
Know Your Crown Chakra And How To Tap Into Its Power ...
The crown chakra, pineal gland and the hypothalamus, Spiritual Unite Intro – Topics
This chakra is located at the navel center, and its
The crown chakra is the seventh and last chakra, Your connection to the spiritual aspects of your life is strong, and spiritual phenomenons are all associated with the crown chakra, Located at the top of the head, psychic; Wise; Faith beyond what is physically sensed; Knowing how to “live in this world but not of it” Ability to enjoy physical pleasures without becoming addicted
Crown chakra stones are of immense value to stimulate areas of the body that are related to spiritual healing and growth and may help to heal particular health problems, It regulates the pituitary gland, it serves as the bridge to the cosmos, the Crown Chakra is our connection to the Universe, It controls our digestion where we transform nourishment into valuable energy for the body.
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, Just as the Root or First Chakra connects us to the Mother Earth, It is the home of our personal power, between doing and being.
Know Your Crown Chakra And How To Tap Into Its Power-# ...
Since the Crown Chakra is highly associated with God/Source/Creator energy, The crown chakra is the seventh chakra, It is present at the crown of the head, and
Crown Chakra Powers
The powers of the crown chakra lead to miracles, spirituality and
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Enlightenment, When it’s open and balanced, motivation