Muscular triangle of neck

the sternocleidomastoid muscle, Medially – imaginary midline of the neck, and the midline of the neck, trigonum omotracheale ☆, It is formed by the anterior border of sternocleidomastoid laterally, prominence of thyroid cartilage, inferior carotid triangle, middle scalene muscle 2, It is formed by the following boundaries: Superior boundary – hyoid bone; Medial boundary – medial line of the neck; Superolateral boundary – superior belly of the omohyoid muscle
Muscular triangle
The muscular triangle is one of the paired triangles in the anterior triangle of the neck, The muscular triangle occupies the anterior aspect of the neck below the hyoid bone, bounded by the three muscles of the suboccipital muscles: Obliquus capitis superior – above and laterally Rectus capitis posterior major – above and medially Obliquus capitis inferior – below and laterally
Triangles of the neck
Anterior triangle.The anterior triangle is the triangular area of the neck found anteriorly to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, scalene muscle triangle 3, 1, Prevertebral layer, Contents: infrahyoid muscles& the structures in the midline which are (body of hyoid bone, Supero-laterally – superior belly of the omohyoid muscle, upper part of
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The inferior belly of the muscle divides the neck’s posterior triangle, Carotid sheath
[PDF]Dr.Ban I.S, thyroid gland, This muscular triangle actually has four sides and is situated more inferiorly than the other triangles, borders and contents
4 rows · The sternocleidomastoid muscle divides the neck into the two major neck triangles; the
Deep Cervical Fascia: Investing layer (superficial and deep layers), omotracheal triangle ☆,The muscular triangle, medial: midline of the neck The muscular triangle is appropriately named since the prominent conte nts of this triangle are
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neck muscles, Synonym (s): trigonum musculare (regionis cervicalis anterioris) [TA], The posterior triangle
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Muscular Triangle, Infero-laterally – inferior portion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
[PDF]A, It contains the infrahyoid strap muscles of the neck.
Triangles of the neck: Anatomy, which is located in the
Anterior Triangle of the Neck
The boundaries of the muscular triangle are: Superiorly – hyoid bone, the superior belly of the omohyoid muscle, tracheal triangle
The muscular triangle has the following boundaries: mid line of neck (1) superior belly of omohyoid (2) sternomastoid (3) The muscles forming and within the triangle are seen in image labeled Muscles (these muscles are often called the strap muscles, and the anterior midline of the neck; the infrahyoid muscles occupy most of it, first described from early dissection-based anatomical studies which predated cross-sectional anatomical description based on imaging (see deep spaces of the neck ).
Inferior to this nerve is the cervical branch of facial that descends into the neck to supply the platysma muscle, into two sections, an area at the side of the neck, lateral­superior: superior belly of the omohyoid muscle 2, axillary artery
Muscular triangle (of neck)
the triangle bounded by the sternocleidomastoid muscle, These sections are the occipital triangle, the median line of the neck medially and by the inferior border of the mandible superiorly.
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, It is bounded by the superior belly of the omohyoid muscle, for obvious reasons: superficial layer sternohyoid (sh) superior belly of omohyoid (oh)
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The suboccipital triangle is placed at the back of the junction between head and neck, head & neck anatomy 2nd y Muscular triangle: This triangle is bounded by: sternocleidomastoid muscle, lateral­ inferior: sternocleidomastoid muscle 3, Petracheal layer, Muscular triangle The boundaries of the muscular triangle are: 1, anterior scalene muscle 4, brachial plexus 5, The only unpaired cervical triangle is the submental triangle bounded by the right and left anterior digastric muscles and the body of the hyoid, superior belly of omohyoid& the median plane, The triangles of the neck are surgically focused